Historic trails, roads, locations, events, and people can all serve as "windows" on our past. The Galena Trail and Coach Road offers many opportunities for us to open a few such "windows" and glimpse elements of the pageant of events, great and small, that shaped out present. If for only a moment, we hope that you can experience the pleasure of an insight that enables you to say; “Yes, now I understand!” In our history as a people it is often the bits and pieces of yesterday that can give meaning, color, and depth to the fabric of our lives today.

The Trail and Coach Road saw it all: massive roving herds of animals on the prairie, Native American hunters and warriors, fur traders, vast prairie fires, families of settlers seeking new lives, miners heading for the lead mines of Galena, merchants with goods to sell, lone missionaries led by faith, Indian Wars fought over ancestral lands, stage and mail coaches, slaves escaping to freedom following the Underground Railroad, and tree men who would later become American Presidents.

Please join us as we rediscover and better appreciate the richness of our common heritage. Events, small and large that for better or worse altered our history as a people and as a nation.

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