About Us

Our Objectives

The organization’s objective is to provide an enjoyable experience for visitors to an area that stretches from Peoria, Illinois to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. This historical area was used as a trade and cultural route for native people and opened up Northwest Illinois, Southwest Wisconsin and Northeast Iowa to settlers from Europe and the Eastern United States. The historical, interpretive trail that results offers visitors a glimpse of history and connects them to the area during their stay.

  • Trail recognition by local, county and state officials
  • State designation with signage marking the trail
  • Creation of maps with marked routes and points of interest
  • Recognition of interpretive sites and celebrations along the trail route
  • Creation of marketing/tourism materials to publicize the trail

Our Mission

The Galena Trail and Coach Road Society's mission is to foster a comprehensive rediscovery of the historic Galena Trail and Coach Road. The Trail and Coach Road have a unique history, offer diverse natural landscapes, and had a significant historical impact on the development of the northwestern Illinois frontier region.